Occurrence 20830
(formerly occ/4531)

Type(s) [2019] Ναυκρατίου μεγάλου γλυκερὸς πόνος ὅν ποτε κεῖνος (6 verses)
Text source DBBE (Autopsy of the manuscript)
Text status Text completely known
Date 10th c.
Manuscript MILAN - Biblioteca Ambrosiana C 2 sup. [976-1000]
Place in Manuscript f. 172v
Palaeographical information Initials written in red ink.
Title written in majuscule letters.
Contextual information Written at the end of Naukratios' Catechesis on Theodore the Studite's death.
Metre(s) Elegiacs
Genre(s) Author-related epigram
Subject(s) Naukratios (9th c.) - PBE: 5661
Comment This occurrence has one verse less than the type (cfr. Martini-Bassi (1906: 177): 'nec plura'): maybe the last verse was written on the part of the manuscript that is missing.
Number of verses 5
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