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Ἱδρῶτας ὧδε καὶ πάθη τε καὶ στίχους,
πόνους ποιητῶν καὶ μαθητῶν μερίμνας
πόθος συνάψας ταπεινοῦ Χριστοφόρου,
κάλλει λόγου μίξας τε πραγμάτων χάριν,
πανδαισίαν τέθεικεν οὐ κενουμένην.
Πρόσελθε καὶ τρύφησον, οὐδείς σοι φθόνος·
τῶν στίχων τε θαύμαζε τὴν εὐηχίαν,
μαθητῶν δε ζήλωσον εὐπαιδευσίαν
καὶ τῶν τεχνίτων τὴν σοφὴν τεχνουργίαν.
Χριστέ, φύλαττε τοὺς φιλοῦντας σοφίαν‧
πλούτησον αὐτούς, σπεῦσον ἀγρύπνους ἔχειν
φρουροὺς γνώσεώς τε καὶ καλλιεπείας
καὶ δίδου δ’ αὐτοῖς τὴν πλήρην εὐεξίαν.
Τοῦτο σκοπὸς γὰρ τῆς βάσεως δὲ ταύτης
ψυχῆς τι κέρδος τοῖς κεχρημένοις φέρειν.
Title(s) Scribae subscriptio in archivium electronicum epigrammatum Byzantinorum e libris sumptorum
Text source DBBE
Text status Text completely known
Editorial status Not a critical text
Metre(s) Dodecasyllable
Critical Notes Κατὰ μίμησιν τῶν κάτωθι στίχων: https://www.dbbe.ugent.be/occurrences/21642, https://www.dbbe.ugent.be/occurrences/17721.
Translation(s) Here, the ardent desire of the humble Kristoffel
has brought together the sweat, the sufferings, the verses,
the labors of the poets and the worries of the students,
and mixing the grace of actions with the beauty of words,
it prepared a banquet that is never depleted.
Come near, enjoy, there is no envy for you;
admire the sweet sound of the verses,
be zealous of the students’ erudition
and the skilled craftwork of the technicians.
Christ, protect those who love wisdom;
enrich them, urge them to be
sleepless guards of knowledge and eloquence,
and grant them full good health.
This is the aim of the <data>base:
to bring some benefit to the soul of its users.
Comment This modern book epigram has been composed by Maria Tomadaki on the occasion of the DBBE conference "Growing Corpora" (www.dbbe2020.ugent.be), which should have taken place in Ghent, 23-25 June 2020. The translation is by Floris Bernard and Maria Tomadaki.
Number of verses 15
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