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Georgios Mougdoufes (13th c.) - PLP: VIII.19415
Michael Mantylides (13th c.) - RGK: I.283 - VGH: 316.A - PLP: VII.16778
Date 1297
Comment Turyn (1980: 64): "The volume consists of three independent parts written at different times and now bound together. The first part, numbered fols. 4-294 (...) contains the Four Gospels (...). The owner of this part of the volume was Georgius Mugduphes, who commissioned it; the scribe of this part was Michael Mantylides, who completed it in June A.M. 6805 = A.D. 1297. (...) The second part of the volume, numbered fols. 295-316 (...) contains the Apocalypse, written in the latter part of the 14th century in the script style of the monastery τῶν Ὁδηγῶν in Constantinople. The third part, fols. 317-324 (...), written by another scribe perhaps about the same time as the second part, i.e., in the latter part of the 14th century, in a script likewise similar to that of the monastery τῶν Ὁδηγῶν, contains prayers from the Office of Genuflection recited on Pentecost at Vespers."
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