Occurrence 25352
(formerly occ/9381)

οἷον ἐτήτυμον ἦσεν ἔπος· σκολιόφρονα γνώμην
ἑβραίων ἀπερύκων παμμεδέ|οντος ἐὺς πᾶϊς·
μαρτυρίη μαλ' ἐμὴ ἀτρεκῆς κἂν ἐμεῦ π(ατ)ρὶ, φράζων,
τοῖον | (καὶ) αὐτὸ(ς) ἕειπας τεῆς εἴνεκα βίβλου·
ἐστίηθεν ὁ μάρτυς μαρτυρέων (καὶ) γραφων· |
μυστῶν φίλτερε πάντων πὴρ (?) θ(εο)ῦ πολυμήτωρ·
παρθενίης ἀγέ· θειεπίης ἀρχέ (?) ἰω(άννη)· |
σῆ δὲ θεοπροπίη, πάντες ἅμ' ἑπόμεθα:
Type(s) [6785] Οἷον ἐτήτυμον ᾖσεν ἔπος σκολιόφρονα γνώμην (8 verses)
Text source DBBE (Inspection of a reproduction of the manuscript)
Text status Text completely known
Date 13th c.
Manuscript ATHOS - Mone Megistes Lauras Α 57 (Eustratiades 57) [13th c.]
Place in Manuscript f. 214v
Contextual information Preceded by '+ γόνυ βροντῆς ἔξαλμα πυρίπν(ους) λό(γους)'.
The epigram precedes John's Gospel, along with a paraphrase of the epigram in prose.
Metre(s) Dactylic hexameter
Genre(s) Author-related epigram
Subject(s) John (evangelist, saint) (1st c.)
Image source(s) http://ntvmr.uni-muenster.de/community/modules/papyri/?zoom=48&left=5&top=-98&site=INTF&image=31483/0/4320/10/1243
Number of verses 8
Acknowledgements Inspection of the manuscript image was possible by courtesy of the 'Institut für Neutestamentliche Textforschung'.


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